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Praise advanced, promote backward

Date:Mar 30,2016

In 2015, the company all staff tightly around the to determine the annual policy objectives, unity and cooperation, cooperate closely, enterprising, dares to innovate, strive to open up, to tackle tough, the emergence of a group by the trust and support of the broad masses of workers to the advanced collectives and individuals. In recognition of the advanced, hearten spirit, inspire morale, the company awarded the Deng Xuanxun, 11 colleagues as "the year 2015 advanced worker", awarded with plastic injection workshop "2015 advanced collective".
The company called on all employees to the advanced collective and advanced individuals as an example, learning their hard work, unity and enterprising spirit.
Companies want to advanced collective and advanced individuals continue to carry forward our achievements, self pressurized, make persistent efforts, in the new year, with full enthusiasm, more high morale, more adequate energy completed the company's delivery of the glorious mission, completed around the company sales revenue to ensure the realization of the strategic objectives of 3 million.

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